28 February 2007

Homeopathic Apathy

I am catching a cold. I have been catching said cold since Sunday....well, actually the process probably started last Thursday when I stood in the rain for 11 hours repeating "Rolling! Quiet all around, please!" over and over. I didn't notice the scratchy throat until Sunday. On Monday, I remembered that the 1st AD the Thursday before told the Director (who had a cold) that he needed to get Zicam. Zicam is a miracle drug! Now, of course, Zicam does not cure the common cold - nothing does - except perhaps Hot & Sour Chicken Soup from House of Thai - but it claims to reduce the duration of the cold and the severity of the symptoms. I guess I can attest to the latter because for three days, I have merely had the nasal passages draining down the back of my very scratchy throat initial phase of a cold. As for reducing the duration I can only imagine that somehow miraculously this s*& feeling is going to go away without leading to the expected congested chest and coughing phase. Otherwise, I'm on day three of catching what is usually for me, a three day cold.

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