05 October 2007


I recently did something that I immediately regretted and of course, true to form, apologized to the person whose feelings I had hurt. It was someone very close, someone I love and trust and I suppose that's why somewhere in my tiny little subconscious I thought I could get away with being a brat.

The thing is when I apologized, this person who is warm and generous and who I truly believe thought she was letting me off the hook said "Oh, please, no need to apologize, I completely understand." The problem was that I didn't want to be understood for my outrageous behavior, I wanted to be forgiven.

It makes me realize that I have done the "no worries, no need to apologize" and left someone hanging as well. I think it is important to say to that person: "Thank you for the apology, I forgive you" because then they know they have been heard, acknowledged and, most important, absolved.

Forgiveness is a grace that we need to resurrect.

03 October 2007

October Already

I can't believe we're three days into October. Man time flies.

Carl and I are out one yellow Xterra right now because he was in an accident last Thursday. He had made the light at Sunset and Laurel Canyon (travelling east on Sunset) and was inching along behind a line of cars. If you know that area of town, you know that at 10 p.m. on any night it's officially the border of the Sunset Strip and traffic can be miserable. Carl wouldn't normally be there but he had a wrap party for a trailer he shot this past summer. So he's sitting there and the light was still green behind him but there wasn't any room for another car to come through it - or so he thought - a 20-something from Colorado, not paying attention, had just come from the previous traffic light and whizzed through the green light at 45 and slammed into the back of Carl, sending him into the car in front of him, sending her into the car in front of her. 4 car pile up. If that wasn't annoying and jarring enough, little 20-something Julie Mack from Colorado got out of her car on her cell phone laughing and talking. When Carl asked her for her information, she handed him a stack of messy papers that he had to sift through to find her insurance, etc.

The truly galling thing though was that after causing three other drivers to slam into one another, she never said "I'm so sorry" "Are you alright?" and never once did she get off the cell phone.