04 August 2008

The back half, well I should say 2/3ds of my house is closed off. The front 1/3 of my house is separated by plastic sheets...she's dead...wrapped in plastic... (If you get that reference then you get what I'm feeling right now.)

The truth is it's just some minor home upgrades; painted the outside trim a week and a half ago, now the handyman is starting on the hardwood floors. That, of course, means that we have moved most of our belongings to the garage and our bedroom is now the living room, we don't have a bathroom with a shower (good thing we belong to a gym) and we'll be spending the next week feeling displaced. Of course, we've felt this way since July 4
th weekend when we started to wrap all of our inner windows to keep the sanding and scraping on the outside of the house.

Perhaps I should look at it from the caterpillar perspective. We have woven a
cocoon and soon we'll be free and the place will shine, shine, shine.

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