17 August 2008

The Wee Hours

It's 5:32 a.m. I've been awake since 4:30 or so. Too many things jangling through my brain. My home is still for the most part in boxes in the garage. We're hoping to bring our closet clothes in today and finally set up the bed so that we're sleeping on a frame and box spring as opposed to a mattress on the floor.

Carl painted the office yesterday afternoon while I painted 3 different yellow/golds on the floorboard trim in the lavender bedroom. We finally decided on metallic Olympic gold - appropriate choice given what we're missing by not having time to watch t.v. I should take some pictures to post because telling people that the office is Tiffany yellow with Masquerade purple trim and is awaiting a Lipstick red futon couch probably strains the imagination. (I'm just hoping it doesn't strain the eye.)

In the meantime, everytime I cross something off of our to-do list, it seems I also add something new.

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