18 May 2008

Amateur Hour

Last night I attended a Bachelorette party for my friend, Christi (congrats Christibel on your June wedding). It was organized and lovingly given to her by her two truly fabulous bridesmaids, Generous Jennifer & All-Stops-Out Amanda. I have never attended a Bachelorette party. When I married Carl a bunch of friends gave me a sort of BP where they took me to dinner and drinks but it was pretty low key and nobody made me wear a tiara or veil. Last night Christi good-heartedly wore the tiara. The first limo stop was pretty interesting. We went to Isabella's Dance Studio in Santa Monica to learn to pole dance. I'm not going to embarrass myself (or reveal Isabella's technique) by giving you details but I will tell you that I have a new and healthy respect for pole dancers. I also have a triangular bruise 1 inch by 2 inches on the front of my ankle (clutching the pole after wrapping my other knee around it and then......forget it, I can't even explain the position or attempt to tell you how you have to manage to make it look not just graceful but sexy). Oh, and my arms and shoulders were obviously very much engaged in the activity....I'm sorry honey, we can't have sex because I'm sore from pole dancing.....scary.


... said...

Baby you rocked that pole-what a good sport you are! I think it's safe to say that what happens at Isabelle's stay's at Isabelle's...I had a great time and was soooo glad you came! Definitely a night we won't forget. See ya at the wedding.

Anonymous said...


I nearly choked to death reading this one. It definitely gives new meaning to "Don't judge her until you've walked a mile in her shoes."

Or should that have been 'G-string'?