21 December 2005

Holiday Shopping (yes, I mean Christmas...)

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately about canceling Christmas because of the religious connections and even more from the religious right complaining about the fact that it has lost all meaning because folks have to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas to the shoppers. It all seems fairly silly and if you want to impart the true meaning of Christmas and think that the winter festival talent shows just aren't doing it for you, rent the Peanuts special and have your kids replay the Linus speech over and over.

In the meantime, here in "Christmas has always been a holiday celebrating material gift-giving" land, the holiday is tight for us this year and even though we told friends and family "no gifts" and they all agreed, I just got a UPS package containing a bunch of little presents from Carl's sister. It's okay, she had sent a warning email that we were getting a UPS delivery so we arranged to send something today (thank god for 1800Flowers because the last minute shopping is made easier with their food and flowers).

Unfortunately, I didn't do any shopping for my own family and I'm feeling a bit like a grinch this year. A grinch that just spent a ton of money on tuition last year. The Trojan Horse is eating prime hay this year on me.

I guess this post is to say that my new year's resolution (albeit early) is to do what a close friend does, which is to throw herself into the spirit all year round and if she sees something during the year that she thinks would be perfect for you, she picks it up and puts it in a box in her closet until the appropriate time. Next year, you'll get something small but perfect and you can start making suggestions in January.

Winter solstice today comes with 80 degree weather, to answer the sick weather gods, I'm listening to Winter Wonderland - the ambiance feels a little off so I'm leaving the veloblinds closed.


Buq-Buq said...

But when the night is falling
You cannot find the light
If you feel your dreams are dying
Hold tight
You've got the music in you
— Don't let go —
You've got the music in you
— One dance left —
This world is gonna pull through
— Don't give up —
You've got a reason to live
— Can't forget —
We only get what we give

The New Radicals, "You Get What You Give"

Hang in there, and don't let the presents-situation get you down — you're getting back what you give all year long.

andilee said...

Reading your blog's is an awesome gift to me....

Sanora said...

Thanks Andi, I truly appreciate you keeping up with me - Merry Christmas!