18 December 2005

The Art of Happiness

Nicole of Verbs Via Ones and Zeros wrote a wonderful post today about eating v. feeling that got me to thinking about another close friend who has a great attitude about life in general and a philosophy / faith based belief system that I have to admit has gotten her pretty far in her career. It basically has to do with feeling positive (not thinking positve, that's a whole different Anthony Robbins point of view) and having that positive feeling evolve into faith in the universal "wow" (or God, as is her case) to take care of things for you.

All that said I have to admit that I'm feeling pretty low today. I'm down in the dumps after a second publication rejection notice in a month and a lack of response from a job opportunity that actually went into a second round of interview process and at this point I've pretty much written off. The thing is I was one of five being considered out of 250 resumes and 20 interviewees but somehow they can't send an email saying "so sorry we went with someone else" sheesh. Anyway, I know I'm supposed to feel lucky and also feel like it just wasn't the opportunity for me and that something better is going to come along but somehow today I just feel like I want that big break that allows me to show someone what I'm really capable of.

It's hard to feel positive about the universal wow when you're feeling the universal blahs. I could list all the ways I'm lucky and perk myself up but sometimes you just want to be allowed to feel what you feel. Thanks, Nicole, for reminding me that it's okay to listen to my heart.


Anonymous said...

There are two people who comes to mind who was rejected for something very similiar and both made it inspite of the rejection. Joseph Campbell who wrote an awe inspiring book entitled, " The Hero With A Thousand Faces" is one of his best but he also wrote others. As you may or may not know his dissertation was rejected by the post doctorate program that he was in. Another person that comes to mind is Karen Armstrong which documents her rejection in her biographical book... The Spiral Staircase which she name from a line in one of T.S. Elliott's poem entitled, Ash Wednesday.

Though it's true that rejection often put one in the dumps... one true self doesn't often show until the soul is burnt from the challenges of life but often traveling on the road less less travelled.

I wish you the best and may be viewing a film like Stigmata(follow-up with the info about Thomas Gospel in the film) or reading books by Joseph Campbell or Karen Armstrong may be something to help liftyour spirits even though the holidays even Christmas has come and gone.

Sanora said...

Thank you for this comment and incredible insight and inspiration. It really is just about following your heart and talent and believing that there is place in the world where your gift will be placed in receptive hands.