08 December 2005

Day 5 & Lester Burnham

My upper thighs no longer hurt so that's a good thing. I've gotten several supportive comments from friends and family and that's really nice. Have been thinking a lot about why people exercise and have decided that Lester Burnham had it right. We all just want to look good naked. You know it's one thing to have that favorite pair of jeans that fit your waist just right and the top that shows the cleavage to distract the masses from your hips but when you peel out of the forgiving outfit and crawl into bed with your sweetie, it's nice to show that it's not all illusion and a trick of the light.


The Retropolitan said...

Popping in from my blog, and I'd say that your photo looks might fancy -- dramatic and interesting in all the right ways. Despite your modesty, I'd consider it very flattering.

Kris said...

I think a good bit of my drive comes from wanting my hair towel to fall to the floor rather than catching on my ample bum. Not pleasant.

Monica said...

Sanora, thank you for stopping by my blog. When I sought out yours, I immediately saw you're a writer! Wow, you're going to end up with a new regular reader!
I put my writing away for many years during my marriage but it was very therapeutic for me during my son's deployment to Iraq.
Thank you for commenting on it. It truly is his favorite letter now let me share my favorite letter from him...it is in my July archives around July 19th and called The Letter...it is under To My Blog Friends. I keep the original in a box with the rest of his letters and his medals.

Have a wonderful day!