24 November 2005


Things I'm grateful for in no particular order:
1. My friends, Christi, Lori, Mark, Nicole, David, Chris, the people who check in with me on a daily/ weekly basis and actually listen to the answer when they ask "How are you doing?"
2. Family that doesn't drive me absolutely bonkers. I listen to some people's tales of woe when it comes to parents/siblings/step-family and I know that I am lucky to be surrounded by regular joes.
3. My health.
4. My house that I pay mortgage on and love and when I lie in bed at night and hear its creaks as it settles and contracts from the days heat, I feel it is telling me its secrets.
5. The education I'm getting at USC and with that have come amazing, giving mentors and teachers....Holly Prado, Syd Field and Donald Freed among them, with a special nod to Diane Wakoski who does not teach at USC but was introduced to me by Holly Prado.
6. My cats, who keep me amused on a daily basis.
7. The universal "wow" which recently has been answering my questions and giving me little gifts of opportunity.
8. The job interview I had on Monday that confirmed that I am on the right path, whether or not I get the position.
9. The writers' group that I share with Nicole. It continually allows me to push the creative envelope.
10. Finally, Carl......no explanation needed.


Sanora said...

In answer to Neil's blog:

Thank you Nicole for being my first comment and for your continued support.

Neil, you weren't far behind her so thank you too and also thank you for continuing to put out a stellar blog each and every day.

Oh, and a special nod to Martin Brady as well since he was No. 3 and writes a tres cool sports blog.

And finally, to Kris who checks up on me and will get a free glass of wine next time she's in L.A.

Neil said...

I was waiting for you to mention Carl... we all would have killed you if you didn't put him in there as the big finale.