14 November 2005


Back when I was 22 I had my appendix taken out. Now the funny thing was (not funny haha) that my appendix was fine - other than the stool that was in it (I know, gross). The fact was that I had diverticulitis. I've had a couple of episodes with this nasty little chronic problem and the last two days have been fairly miserable. There are a lot of reasons why it strikes, too much red meat, too much cheese, not enough fiber and today I found out that the fact that I smoke is a strike against me as well. So today, I'm going to try to begin the process of quitting.

In the meantime, I suppose the fact that I can't move without serious pain in my left lower abdomen is probably enough reason to call a doctor. I hate going to the doctor (big news, so does everyone else I suppose). I hate being sick and I hate being put on antibiotics but there again, I suppose most people would agree with me on that issue as well.
So you might find me missing in action for a while. (Not that you'll notice with my track record!) See you all again real soon.


Buq-Buq said...

does your body need to be . . . feng shuied?

Kris said...

This deserves a big murr. I hope if cigarettes are off the list that wine is not. How will we someday drink several glasses at our LA meetup if it is?

Feel better. We'll be here when you return!