06 November 2005

Feng Shui

I had to do it. My office was set up so my back was to the door, I was facing an empty wall and had been thinking of putting a mirror on the wall above my desk so I could see the door behind me. Bad feng shui, never put a mirror on the wall above your desk, something about refracting the energy of your work. So today Carl and I completely rearranged the office. I am in the northwest corner facing south east (which according to my lucky star number is where I should face, by the way, I'm not just making this s#&t up). The couch is now on the wall where my desk was, oh, and the poster advertising Ilford films that features Carl's photography and his picture and quote from him on the bottom left hand corner that I had framed for one of his birthdays is now back on the wall above the couch (I had moved it because I didn't like staring at it while I worked) and I just found out that that is the "fame" wall. So, duh, it's back where it belongs. The money corner has a red bag with money from several countries, Canada, Ireland, Poland and Czech Republic. Oh, and my desk is now in the learning/self-discovery corner so it's all good.

I know this all may sound frou-frou, new agey but I swear to god sitting here typing away I feel in control and more creative, the room looks pretty (not to mention dust free - cough, wheez) and I feel like friends could actually hang out with me here and talk. So much was accomplished today even if I didn't go for my usual hike in the hills. Today the office, tomorrow the junky drawers and a mirror for above the stove in the kitchen (which supposedly everyone should do no matter where your stove is, something about reflecting abundance).


David Kopp said...

Chris and I are so much into Feng Shui. I started to understand the importance of F-S when I lived in Hong-Kong.
With F-S we resolved Chris back pain.

Kris said...

More power to you! This is great - even making minor changes along these lines really rejuvenates the soul. I think this may have inspired me!