03 October 2005

New Moon in Libra - Solar Eclipse

This morning (3 a.m. on the west coast) was the Libra new moon and solar eclipse. One of my personal favorites because I'm a Libra rising. For the Jewish community, Libra new moon brings in Rosh Hashana, their new year. For me, it brings my new lunar year, especially potent this year because the new moon is conjunct my rising and the solar eclipse only happens once every 19 years in any given sign and so it marks the end of a cycle. Now, this probably all seems like so much new age gobbledy gook but the truth is I've been thinking about what is ending for me today. I will say that 19 years ago this week, I moved to Los Angeles with thoughts of being an actor. That dream was put by the wayside a long time ago (about 10 years) and at that time, I began to concentrate on my writing. But the writing was all poetry.

Recently, I started to resuscitate my dreams of being involved in the film world but my new focus is writing and directing. So today, I am being brave and putting it out publicly in the world that my aspiration is to direct a film I have written and that my husband, Carl, will shoot it. Carl and I worked on a documentary together a few years ago and found that we work quite well together even under less than ideal circumstances.
So there you go Universe, it's in black and white, all spelled out for you....send a little new moon magic my way!


Neil said...

Let's hope your dreams become true.

Sanora said...

Neil, from you, now, that is especially powerful mojo, thank you.

Kris said...

Beautiful. You *absolutely* can do this!

[Be sure to remember the little (Blogger!) people :]

Can't wait to see it.

Buq-Buq said...

I always love a story that comes back 'round to its beginning. 19 years . . . geez.

You GO girl!