07 October 2005

The Husband

I realized today that other than mentioning (probably several times in different contexts) that my husband is a cinematographer, I have never really talked about him. I have devoted a whole blog to my wonderful ex-husband and yet, somehow, I missed talking about Carl.

First of all, you should know that tonight in writers' group, we were supposed to write from our Fairy Godmother's P.O.V. describing ourselves. My last line was... "I gave her the prince too soon and now she can't figure out what to do with happily-ever-after." Which probably, unfortunately, describes me to a tee. (If I do say so myself ... and I do... as a matter of fact, I write it.)

Carl is truly a prince. In the next few entries, I have decided to introduce you to this prince of a man.

Second of all, everyone who personally knows me probably believes that I am the luckiest woman alive and that Carl puts up with A LOT. Please note, Steve Brady, that I have realized (after you pointed it out) that "a lot" are two separate words and no where in the English dictionary do they appear as a single word...I may be a wench, but I am not stubborn. More on the men in my life later but right now it is 12:59 a.m. and I should head for bed. By the way, my dear husband is on splits on his current job and I won't see him until he stumbles in at 2:00 a.m. or so, kisses me on the temple and tells me he's home, but buzzed (from work, not anything artificial) and then tomorrow late morning, we'll have a half a cup of coffee together before he has to go again.

It's a hard knock life for us and I wouldn't trade it for the world.


Buq-Buq said...

I was kind of wondering when you were going to get 'round to Mr. Bartels! I had interpreted his near-complete absence from this venue as a 'nothing needs to be said' situation — that you were together spoke for itself.

It is great to see the camera turned around, focused on those behind the scenes: those troopers that never appear in the pictures, but without whose presence those moments in time would not exist.

Nicole Criona said...

I, for one, look forward to the Carl posts. As you know, I am president of his fan club, second only to my presidency of your fan club!

Neil said...

You may be A LOT, but I'm sure that's what he loves about you.