12 August 2005

Another Progress Report

So I am now on page 29 and have completed the set up for the screenplay and am now continuing work on outlining Act II.

I want to thank everyone for letting me update you on my progress on what, for me, is a new endeavor. It keeps me honest, I think. Which brings me to another point. It's hard to write in a vacuum. A community of writers, for me, has been so inspiring (and at times humbling - since the community is amazingly talented). So today, I just wanted to acknowledge some of my favorite blogs and their incredibly witty and insightful authors and to say, you guys and gals rock!



Brian said...

Sanora, thank YOU! :)

Nicole Criona said...

Right back at ya, babe!!!

Neil said...

I think you should hold off thanking us until we read it and make you rewrite everything and send you off cursing -- then you can thank us.

Sanora said...

what!?!? people are actually going to read this?....

I'm doing this in anticipation of a class with Syd Field, trust me I know I'll be cursing in a month.

Cammy said...

And thank YOU for including me in your world and for your continuing encouragement. You are amazing!

Kris said...

Sanora, wow - this made my day!