27 July 2005

Slogging instead of Blogging

Yesterday, I finally sat down and outlined about half of the screenplay that has been buzzing around my head for the last year or so. This morning I typed the first 7 pages and am committed to getting three more done today so that I'm at 10. I'd like to think I could write 5 pages a day and so have given myself that goal for the next four weeks (which would give me a finished first draft before starting school again). Man, this summer is whizzing by .... remember when we were kids and three months off seemed like an eternity in May?


Nicole Criona said...

right on with the goals, sista!
Oh god yes the summertime is wayyyy too short these days.

Neil said...

Keep it going! I remember some film writing teacher said that if you wrote just one page a day, you'd have a full first draft in two months. Easier said than done.