20 July 2005

20 July 2005 - Virginia Woolf meets the 21st Century

Yesterday, I started reading Virginia Woolf's "Moments of Being" edited by Jeanne Schulkind. The memoirs were first published in 1976 - some of these are first drafts and the editor had to make choices regarding the intention of the author. It reads pretty well and is, of course, rather intimidating (just because of the level of talent Woolf had). I think I'll be using her as an inspiration for one of the exercises that I need to post later today on the website - www.lawritersgroup.com for those of you new to my blog. Check it out!


Martin Brady said...

Steve sent me the link for your blog. It looks excellent. Congrats!

Martin Brady

Martin Brady said...


Steve sent me the link to your new blog. It looks excellent. Congrats.

Hmmmm...did I do this twice?? Damn computers!!

Anyway, hope you are well.