20 July 2005

20 July 2005 - Influences

I thought I'd include a picture of one of my teachers from USC, Holly Prado (right) and my favorite poet (and wonderful writing friend), Diane Wakoski (left) and myself (center) taken after Diane's reading in Venice, California on May 21, 2005. Diane is a wonderful writer and you can link to her book by clicking on the link below www.lawritersgroup.com/SanoraBartelsArticle1.htm
I featured her in an article last January on the LAwritersgroup website.

I believe strongly in the value of a community of writers and think it's such a solitary process that we need the feedback and support of colleagues in order to not feel quite so alone....a room of one's own is great - a group of supportive friends and being a supportive friend is even more important. (Not to get all mushy on you, generally, I'm fairly cynical.)

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