01 July 2006

The Artist's Way taking the back alley

A week or so ago I picked up my copy of The Artist's Way just to give my creative self a little zap to the rear end and, as I'm sure some of you know, there's that little contract in the first few pages...I re-filled it in (I made my way through the contract originally in 1995 so it had been awhile) and prepared to write my 3 pages every morning and to take myself on my artist's date every week (hence, the Norton Simon entry).

But then suddenly life (or a little world we like to call movie making) interrupted. Yes I got a job! On the downside it is lowish budget (Meatloaf and Dean Cain are two of the principals) and right now it will take an act of god to start on the actual shoot date (next Wednesday, July 6) but as a result of my efforts around the office helping with prep, my position has changed from Key Set PA to Production Coordinator and the woman who was the Production Coordinator is now Production Supervisor. I'm a little disappointed not to be going onto the set in a few days, but am digging the whole organizational, keeping the crew happy part of the job. I like knowing what everyone is doing and buying and wanting (I'm nosy that way...) Anyway, I love the people and the crew keys are cool so I'm excited to finally be productive and getting paid for it.

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Nicole Criona said...

right on, sista!!!!
congrats on the production coordinator title! can't wait to hear more!